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Lithuania is the only Baltic country with nearly eight hundred years of statehood tradition, while its name was first mentioned one thousand years ago, in 1009. Wedged at the dividing line of Western and Eastern civilizations, Lithuania battled dramatically for its independence and survival. Once in the Middle Ages, Lithuania was the largest state in the entire Eastern Europe, where crafts and overseas trade prospered.


Basic Information for Lithuania :-

• Republic of Lithuania, its Schengen Country.

• After Study student can apply for Migration (movement) to other EU Countries.

• Very low Tuition Fees.

• Living Expenses are very cheap and Standard Life Style in EU.

• Visa processing is very easy.

• Student can Travel whole of the EUROPE.


What's the Advantage of Lithuania?

1. 5.5 to 6.0 IELTS required for admission.

2. Quick Admission in 15-30 Days and Visa in 20 Days.

3. Its Schengen Country. Student can Travel whole 27 EU Country without VISA.

4. Easy Embassy Interview for visa.

5. Very Cheap Tuition Fees from other EU Country.

6. Visa guarantee for genuine Students.

7. Only 12 Class are Eligible.

8. 2 YEARS Studies Gap is acceptable.

9. Student can do Job or do Business in Lithuania. 

10. Very low cost for Living and Food.



• Application Form.

Mediation letter from University to issue visa D (issued by IPRO)

• Passport (MRP)

• All Academic Transcript and Certificate.

• Photograph (35 x 45 cm) colorful, with white background.

6000 EURO bank balance certificate on student account.

• Birth Certificate.

• Confirmation of the Payment of Tuition Fees and Accommodation confirmation.

• Health Insurance.

• Visa fee – 60 euro


Application Procedure:- 

 • Apply online:- Send all the Academic Transcript and Passport Copy.

• Curriculum vitae (Europass) and Motivation Letter.

• 5.5 to 6.0 IELTS required for admission.

• After Evaluation send Application Fees 100 - 150 Euro (Non- Refundable) [BEFORE RESULT]

• Student will get offer Letter after 10-15 Days.

Documents issued in English, Lithuanian or Russian must be certified true copies and do not require translation.

• Secured the Students Tuition Fees by your Self and confirm us the Payment. [BEFORE VISA]

• After paying the Tuition Fees, s/he will apply for student visa.

Send final diploma with supporting documents by regular (air) mail or international courier service by the given deadline to universities address.

 • We will prepare the visa required Documents.

• You will confirm student’s flight to New Delhi.

• Student will appear the Interview and get VISA. 

• Student will pay the Accommodation before 2months starts of class. [90-120EURO/MONTH]


Universities list


Program & Cost



1. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

• Business Management; Economics Engineering; Finance Engineering

2700 EUR

• All of the other Bachelor's degree programmes except for Business Management; Economics Engineering and Finance Engineering programmes

3500 EUR

• Masters degree programmes

3900 EUR

• PhD programme 5455 EUR




The price for 1 person per 1 month from 114 EUR to 150 EUR. 
Deposit: 150 EUR, if you have not caused any damage, it will be repaid when leaving



2. Vilnius University


Management and Business Administration

4 YEARS       

€ 2400/ year




Accommodation -  Accommodation in Vilnius University dormitories is available only for Vilnius Unive­rsity students during the academic year (i.e. from September 1st until June 30th). Application for Accommodation must be submitted at least two months before.



Quality Management    1,5

Art Management           1,5

Business Informatics        2

Economic Analysis and

Planning                         1,5

Marketing Analytics        2

Finanace                         1,5

International and

European Union

Law (LL.M.)                1,5


Communication                          1,5

English studies

(Literature, Linguistics,

Culture)                               2

Financial and Actuarial

Mathematics                   1,5

Econometrics                1,5

Computer Modelling     1,5

€ 3400


€ 2242


€ 3219



€ 3400


€ 3400

€ 3400




€ 3000


€ 3000




€ 2317



€ 2523


€ 3219


€ 6438


3. Kaunas university of technology


Accounting and Auditing = 2 yr = 3500 euro/yr 

Project management =2 yr = 3500 euro/ yr


4. Vilnius College


Business Economic or Software Engineering = 2000EURO/yr = 3yr


5. Universities of Applied Social Science

Bachelor programme

Programming and multimedia = 3yrs  = 2800euro 


6. Klaipeda University

Bachelor = 2100 euro





7.International business school at Vilnius university

Accommodation in Vilnius University dormitory60-91 Eur

Leisure            from 50 Eur              

Food 200 Eur

Transport 30 Eur

Other expences 50 Eur

Study program


Study form

Program language

Study lenght (year)

Tuition fee per semester (EUR)

International Business






International Project Management










8. ISM University of Management and Economics


Admission and Visa Requirements



 Study programme – Under Graduation    

  Number of credits

  Tuition fee, per semester

  Economics and Politics


  1.800 EUR

  International Business and Communication


  2.057 EUR



  2.057 EUR

  Industrial Technology Management*


  1.800 EUR


Study programme - Masters


Price per semester

International Marketing and Management

2 year

2,275 EUR

Financial Economics

2 year

2,275 EUR

Innovation and Technology Management

1,5 year

2,975 EUR





55 euro



9. LCC International University



For Admission Requirement

Course tuition (6 credits) – €274.50.

Tuition per academic year – €2745.00 Prerequisite Intensive Module in English (PRIME) tuition per academic year – €1372.50 

In a typical academic year, a student takes ten 6-credit courses.










Introduction to Latvia


Placed in North Eastern Europe, by the Baltic Sea, Latvia has always been a multi-ethnic country and rich in different cultural and education traditions and sees its role as a bridge between the East and the West. The higher education institutions in Latvia are members of international cooperation within many different fields of study. Latvia can also offer beautiful national parks and historical heritage remains outside of the capital city.


Admission Requirement:


·         A Bonafide student

·         Passport

·         All Academic Papers(Original & Notarized)

  ·         Need a Genuine Bank statement (Anyone)                                                                         


·         Study Gap Not More Than 2 Years

·         CV

·         Motivation Letter

·         Recommendation Letter

·         IELTS/No IELTS




·         20 hours work permit per week & full time work permit in vacation

·         Permanent Residence

·         Very low tuition fee

·         Low living cost

·         Schengen Country

·         Education in line with the American Credit System




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