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Business Visa


Business Visa is a non-immigrant visa to the any foreign country. Those who would like to travel to abroad for a specific duration for business related reasons that do not require actual labor work or receiving payment from the foreign government source can apply for a business visa.

Business visa duration can vary from country to country. Usually a country specifies the duration of this type of visa which can be extended before expiry based on acceptable reasons.

Different symbols and numbers may represent business visas of different countries. Likely, B1 indicates the short term business visa of USA.


Documents required for Business Visa:

Like every other visa, countries differ when it comes to set of documents required to issue business visa. Following are an average set of files deemed mandatory to secure business visa:

1.     Application of embassy

2.     Financial Documents

3.     Business profile

4.     A certain amount of fund

5.     Academic profile







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