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Introduction of South Korea


South Korea (or the Republic of Korea) is one of the most highly developed and stable democracies in East Asia. South Korea's economic transformation over the past few decades has been termed the "Miracle on the Han River" and remains one of the world's fastest growing economies. Meanwhile, as one of the safest countries in the world, diversity has greatly expanded in recent years. Getting around South Korea is easy, which is fortunate since there are so many wonderful places to see!


Admission Requirement:


·         A Bonafide student

·         Need a Genuine Bank statement (only 1st or 2nd blood is preferred).                                    


·         Study Gap Not More Than 2 Years

·         CV

·         Motivation Letter

·         Recommendation Letter

·         IELTS min 5.5




·         Very Low Tuition Fee

·         Low IELTS Score

·         20 hours work permit per week & full time work permit in vacation

·         PR Opportunity

·         Lower Cost of Living.



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