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Generally, an applicant has to submit a set of documents during his application of a desired visa. Financial document is one of such document which holds immense importance for influencing the result of the outcome of a visa. Thus, it is highly important for any applicant to get clear idea about the required financial document from the respective embassy.

Financial document mainly indicates the Bank Statement of a client. Some embassy requires the candidate to hold the bank fund in his/her own account while others allow sponsors to support the applicant.

Sponsor can be parents, relatives, friends or other persons. Each embassy sets pre-defined requirement which a sponsor should comply before deciding to support any potential applicant.

Bank Statement requires to be issued from listed authorized banks. Such statement should be maintained for a certain period and it must show sufficient amount of money covering tuition fees and living costs of approximately one year.

There are other supplementary financial documents as well. Chandrabindu Student Consultancy aids applicants in arranging all the required financial documents in order to meet embassy requirements.



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