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A very warm greeting to everyone! Thank you for taking time to visit our company’s official site.  I, on behalf of Chandrabindu team, am glad to introduce Chandrabindu as one of the leading student consultancy firms of Bangladesh which is affiliated by education ministry in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our company operates a full-time Education Counseling Service in order to help students choose and plan their higher education and career needs wisely and implement decisions about their future in a well-planned manner in abroad.

Our company primarily process student visa of various universities situated in USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland and some other countries deemed as highly desired higher study destinations. Last year, we processed almost 200 student visas for various universities from these countries.

I am pleased to inform you that we have successfully established strong professional ties with several universities and colleges from the previously mentioned countries. In order to better serve the students and to create effective communication opportunities among universities and students, Chandrabindu always strive to form relation with esteemed universities.

For years, we have been providing our services to countless students. In return, these students and their parents have showered us with their blessings. We proudly state that, our students mainly promote our company to their friends and relatives. So we do not feel the need to promote our services through the newspapers like most other local consultancy firms.

We always put student satisfaction as our first priority. Following our business ethics, we always process files without putting any condition and/or payment towards our students. After successful visa processing, our students willingly reward us. Our students are part of our family. So their benefits are our concern.

We look forward to act as a stepping stone for potential students who are willing to build their bright future by attaining higher education from abroad. In our journey to provide utmost satisfaction to our students, we always welcome any sort of feedback which we find essential to improve our services with time. So feel free to share your mind through our official contacts.

When it comes to provide guidance regarding foreign education, a student can always count on Chandrabindu Student Consultancy. We would be more than happy if you would allow us to serve you to build your better future.

Best Regards,


Md Monirul Hoque

Chief Executive Officer

Chandrabindu Student Consultancy



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Chandrabindu Student Consultancy looks to continue providing guidance and information about the various universities and renowned faculties around the world which would match with the educational back ground of our respective students.

We look forward to share detailed relevant information about costs, program, structures, course outcomes etc. which would allow prospective students to compare programs and decide which suites them best.

We take pride in continuing our assistance to students in making payment of their necessary fees to the universities and/ or colleges and also obtaining hostel accommodation which play essential part in settling down into a foreign country.

We indeed feel proud when our students claim that our consultancy is the most professional and student-friendly foreign education consultancy in the country.



Chandrabindu Student Consultancy has secured its place as one of the largest and leading student’s consultancy firm of Bangladesh. We primarily cater students need through our office which is located at the center of capital, Dhaka.  We always strive to retain our spot as the leader in student consultancy business by lending help to potential students in choosing and planning their higher education and career needs wisely and implement decisions about their future in a well-planned manner.

Chandrabindu Student Consultancy has gained fame among its students for showing dedication in preparing students for their intensive interview both in gaining admission from a foreign educational institution and from the respective embassies. We would like to retain the image of a student-focus institution that offers a vibrant and inspirational learning environment.

Chandrabindu Student Consultancy has been sending bonafide students to different foreign universities for higher studies since 2010. Our goal is to continually run our organization through highest ethical manner and to always maintain 100% transparency & honesty in all our dealings with the students as well as with our partner universities and colleges.









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